#1 CHOOSE YOUR GOLFER NAME Begin by choosing your golfer name in our generator by finding your birth month and birth date that correlates with a name. This will then be your name for the event - the crazier the better!#2 ALWAYS KEEP TRACKAlways make sure to track your round-by-round performance to figure out which part of your performance needs the most work. For example, how many fairways did you hit from the tee, how many times did you hit… Read more
If you’re looking to work on your game of golf, TikTok is your new best friend. TikTok has surprisingly become a useful resource for golfers, with golfers around the world taking to the social media app to share their best tips for perfecting your swing and overall performance. Whether you’re hoping to make trick shots, lower your scores, or achieve the perfect backswing, there are TikTok videos for them all.At Surprize Shop, we analysed TikTok d… Read more
At Surprize Shop, spending time away from the golf course has made us want to reflect on the most exciting moments in golf history. We have gathered data on the top 30 most watched golf swings of all time on YouTube to find out which infamous shot makes the most money through its YouTube views alone. We found that the greatest swings of all time make hundreds and even thousands of pounds by being played and replayed by fans online. With… Read more

Posted by Di Grant, Surpriszeshop Lady Captain Adviser on 17th Mar 2021

So many ladies, when approached about being Lady Captain immediately say "Oh no, not for me!", which is such a shame. I thoroughly enjoyed my year, and my only regret is that it flew so quickly.Everyone can add something different to their ladies' section or to the club itself, - all clubs need a variety of personalities and skills and there's so much talent within golf, it's a shame not to make the most of it. Taking on the honour of Lady Capta… Read more