Surprizeshop's hints and tips on fundraising recently were superb, and prompted me to add a few thoughts. There are so many ideas, I thought I'd share a few.
Why not choose a hole (or holes) with a few hazards - sorry, penalty areas - where you can ask for a donation of 50p towards your charity if anyone lands in any of those penalty areas. Small amounts mount up!
I've seen 'Handbags and Gladrags' events do really well. It's a great opportunity to clear out your wardrobe and make some room. (I'm just thinking what I have in my wardrobe and it's a little scary!) Scarves and jewellery can and should definitely be included - they help the display immensely, and you just have to have a bit of bling to match your handbag, don't you!
Polish up the handbags, stuff them with newspaper or similar so that they look all plump and luscious. Give the jewellery a polish too. It's better than housework!
You can't beat a fashion show - especially if it's golf-themed. Ask your Professional what contacts he/she has for firms who would support this kind of event.
One incoming Lady Captain will be having golf balls with a message on something like "Find me and donate £1 to Lady Captain's Charity". What a great idea! If you're like me, I tend to keep logo balls (notice I didn't say 'hoard') but, if you can bear to use them, just think how much something like this would take the sting out of losing one of these balls. Fabulous!

How about a 'Jeopardy' Competition. This is one of my favourites, and generates a great atmosphere in the club after golf. Have a list of 18 instructions on what should happen to a player's score on each hole. You can let your imagination run riot here, from 'Donate £1 to Lady Captain's Charity', to 'Double your score on that hole', 'Wipe that score down to nil', etc, etc. The possibilities are endless!! An entry fee for the competition, plus a few extra forfeits. And a blast of laughter at the same time. Fab.
How about candlelit suppers, ala Hyacinth Bucket? Gather names of ladies willing to hold a (small) dinner party - style of their choice. Summer's great for an outdoor barbeque treat.....
Draw names out of a hat for, say, 6 ladies per event, plus the host. The host makes dinner and charges the ladies attending (maybe £10?). What tends to happen is the host stands the expense of the meal herself, though she can take costs out of the takings, the rest going to Lady Captain's Charity. One thing this is great for is getting ladies to mix. Do your 'morning' players mix with your 'afternoon ladies'? If not, this is worth a try.
Charity Golf Day - you can have so much fun with that. My charity was "Boot Out Breast Cancer" and we dressed the clubhouse and course in (mainly pink) bras and undergarments. Never has the ladies' section been so popular!! Enjoy...