We have had a harsh winter...lots of snow has fallen and held up our golf- but not for long!We are having beautiful weather and temperatures for February, so it's time to start heading back out to tackle the game we all love...

Here are some top tips for getting back into the swing of things...
The best tip for a rusty golf game?

For the majority of us, we play our best golf when were relaxed and go out and have fun! Don't put any pressure on that opening tee shot- take a deep breath - grip it- rip it! You may surprise yourself.
Get warmed up!

After a long winter it can be daunting stepping out onto the course for the first time. Make sure you get to the golf course early enough to hit a few warm up shots, chips and putts. Go out and show that course what you are made of!
Make sure you are prepared...
The sun may be out but make sure you are still 100% Prepared for any nasty weather that may be heading our way. Remember- We do live in Britain!! Make sure you still have your winter mitts or rain gear just in case.

Set yourself a goal

After a break form golf it is easy to be disheartened by rustiness and silly mistakes. However it is always easy to turn a negative into a positive. Set yourself a goal (e.g I would like to break a score by a certain date or I would like to win the monthly medal) and it will give you something to work towards.