There are always ideas floating around of what else ladies can do apart from golf. One incoming Lady Captain - who I know reads these articles - is planning a bingo afternoon/evening. I know that will be an absolute hoot!
Just beware though - some gentlemen pals of mine found themselves in the middle of a ladies' bingo game once and one of them (in playful mood) rather rashly shouted 'house!' a little too soon. How the guys got out alive I don't know - apparently the ladies were looking daggers at them for the rest of the afternoon!

We've had bowling afternoons in the past - crown green, naturally - fabulous when combined with lunch and a few bevvies. Having said that, ten-pin bowling is great too, either with or without cushions!

A guided walk in the woods? A local course staged this for their ladies, as the course bounds a large local wood. They took care to enlist a lady who knew her way around these woods very well, and stuck to safe paths - can't be too careful. All the ladies thoroughly enjoyed it, and they saw a part of their course they didn't know existed. Bluebells were in full bloom at the time - a beautiful sight.
I have to mention the new Golf Rules. I've just attended a Rules Evening with a PGA Rules Panel Member leading the presentation. Despite everything that's been made available - and the R&A website has so much information on it - you can always benefit from these kind of events. If you haven't already done so, you could arrange something at your club - a great way for Lady Captain to lead the way!

How about a bit of psychology? I attended a workshop by Dr Kitrina Douglas a while ago and was hooked. I've arranged for her to run a similar session at Hindley Hall shortly and the event is booking up fast. Can't wait (especially as it's on our incoming Lady Captain's birthday). Why not get something booked...
That's a thought - how are you celebrating your birthday? Whether it's a 'special' one or not, it'll be even more enjoyable while you're LC. Afternoon tea? One Lady Captain arranged afternoon tea for a group of us in Liverpool - at Panoramic 34, Liverpool's highest fine dining restaurant. We had a cruise on the Ferry on the Mersey then an afternoon treat with stunning views. We all chipped in to cover Lady Captain's costs too, so she enjoyed a really special day.

Pics - don't forget to take photos of everything too. Every Lady Captain should have a chosen photographer at all events (preferably someone reliable who won't chop heads off). Memories are wonderful things - being able to look back in print is a 'Brucie Bonus'. Being able to share photos of the year with your ladies is great fun too - if you take double prints, you can have a memento and your ladies can too.... especially in a nice little frame. I leave that thought with you!!