It's easy to forget yourself when you're in office, though I did treat myself to various 'Lady Captain' mementoes. Well, I'm only likely to do this once! I arranged balls with the club crest and a personal message, shirts with club crest, golf towels - all sorts of treats. (Don't tell hubby!)
I also took advantage of a chap at the Club who was organising embroidered headcovers for the Captain's Charity. (Concentrate on the headcovers here, not the chap!) White with the club crest. Very white actually - very very white! I have taken a fair bit of ribbing about them, but they've always been a talking point, and they're still bright white now. Great for speech material too!!

What about your golf, your 'down time'? There used to be a view that you can't take holidays when you're Lady Captain. Well you generally can - you just have to be careful when you take this time out, working around matches, socials, etc.
I didn't want to miss a thing, but still found gaps to take a week away (golfing) in Scotland, and a few weekends away with the girls (golfing). Okay, so I'm a little obsessed, but that was my choice! The point is, you can get away for a break, just be smart about it. To be honest, you'll probably need a bit of a breather at some point. The year can be full-on, and you need to keep your batteries charged. That's in everybody's interest, not just your own.

Do ask about courtesy at other courses too. Not all courses give courtesy to visiting captains these days, which is a shame, but it's worth an ask. I've been pleasantly surprised by the courses that have offered it - some real gems and quality tracks. You won't have much time to take advantage of these treats, but don't be afraid of asking. What's the worst that can happen if you ask?!
Clubs / lessons? If your game could do with a perk, see your Pro'.  If you're going to treat yourself to new clubs, this is the year to do it. If your game's fine, how about getting the Pro' to run some kind of session with the ladies - putting's an easy hit for something like this as there are basic tips that can help everyone's game. To cut a long story short, I ended up changing my putter and it transformed my putting. Just have to work on the rest of the game now!!
Whatever your teaching facilities, there's always something that can be arranged. Driving range, swing room, indoor putting lessons on the carpet. No obstacle is insurmountable. I still like the idea of indoor putting around obstacles indoors too - must set that up some time...!!