Would you like to be a Surprizeshop Ambassador?

There is no need to worry there is no state secrets to be upheld or diplomatic immunity involved! We are just looking for lady golfers that love the game and love Surprizeshop, who would be willing to share that with their friends! We are looking for sociable ladies that love to share information and help others. What would it entail? We would send out freeproducts to you for you to review and for you to share on Facebook or Twitter or both. We would also use your posts on our website. You would need to be an active golfer that is playing at least once a week. You would need to be active on either Facebook or Twitter, or both. We would be looking for you to “share” our Facebook posts with your golfing friends, rather than just “like” them and if you use Twitter, retweet our posts on a weekly basis. We would love you to share Surprizeshop with your golfing friends and we would love to hear your ideas for new products and your views on the product ideas we have!

Do you think being a Surprizeshop Ambassador is for you?

First we need you to follow us on Facebook (link) and or Twitter (link). Please do both if you use both! Please then complete the short survey below. We will then choose a selection of ladies and then get started. MOBILE OR TABLET USERS: If you are completing this survey on your mobile or tablet please turn your device on its side (landscape).

Surprizeshop reserve the right to remove the ambassador role at any time.