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5 Good Habits to create with your golf this year

5 Good Habits to create with your golf this year

Happy New Year!

We are now just over 3 weeks in, and Christmas feels a million years ago! Now that 1st Jan pressure has gone, there is no time like the present to think about your goals for golf in 2024. Personally, I am focusing on creating good habits across a few areas of my life. This idea can be applied to your “golf life” and so for this month’s article I would like to share with you my top 5 good golf-related habits. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration and some of these will be things you can add into your golf routine.


  1. Warming up. A great way to reduce the risk of injury and reduce your scores. Preparing your body before hitting the range or golf course is very important especially in these colder months. Creating just a 5-10 min warm up routine is all you need to do. Once you have warmed up your body, then you can warm up your swing, starting with small chips shots building into full swings.


  1. Eating & drinking. Have you looked at what you eat or drink around the golf course? Finding foods and liquids to keep your energy and mental levels up is such a secret weapon. Making sure you have a good balance and not just a chocolate biscuit and energy drink which could spike and drop your sugar levels.



  1. I spoke about this in my “practice makes progress” article and I still very much stand by it. Practicing your golf skills in between playing on the course is very important to maintaining and improving areas of weakness. Starting to incorporate practice into your week, even if it’s just ½ Hour could be beneficial.


  1. Organising your bag. Seems obvious, however having your bag organised the night before you play in a competition or going out onto the course, will give you a great start knowing that you have your food, balls, tees, waterproofs, plasters etc. all where you need them to be. And the age-old phrase “ fail to prepare, prepare to fail”.



  1. Stat Tracking. If this year you are wanting to improve your golf, tracking your stats is a very clear way to do this. It can show you your areas of weakness and you can then practice and improve these areas hopefully resulting in your scores lowering.


The above are just 5 of my suggestions, but if you would like more guidance on some of these areas, speak to your club professional and get their advice, or even book in for a goal setting session so you can work out which habits will be most effective for you. If you do set any new habits, do email back, and let me know as it would be fabulous to share what they are and spread the new year motivation far and wide!



Zoe x

PGA Pro Zoe North 


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