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Golfing Gift Guide: 18 Gifts Every Golfer Wants to Unwrap

Golfing Gift Guide: 18 Gifts Every Golfer Wants to Unwrap

Golfing Gift Guide: 18 Gifts Every Golfer Wants to Unwrap

Christmas is around the corner and thinking of the perfect gift can be challenging at the best of times, especially when it comes to golfers. Golf equipment can be expensive and it can be a challenge to think of alternative ideas that fit into your budget. Luckily, we’re here to help! In this list, we’ve compiled the best golf gifts that golfers really do want to unwrap on Christmas day, for both high and low budgets. Whether you're looking for birthday gifts or Christmas gifts, here are 20 things that every golf lover will use both on and off the golf course.

Golf Gifts - High Budget

If a special someone in your life whether that's a family member or partner loves to play golf then we've got you covered. These gifts are at the higher end of the budget (£100+) so are perfect for that special someone who is always heading off to the golf course.

Golf Clubs

A shiny new set of golf clubs that will help you putt a hole in one is the present every golfer dreams of unwrapping. Putters Callaway, TaylorMade and Titleist are the three brands we would recommend checking out. Maybe check their current club set to see what they're missing or which clubs need upgrading, whether that's a fairway driver, putter or new irons. If you don't understand all the technicalities of golf clubs, it might be best to ask which they would prefer. Sometimes getting it right is better than a surprise!


If your special someone is into their golf gadgets, they're bound to love a rangefinder. A rangefinder allows you to measure yardage distances on the golf course, so you can survey critical shots to enhance your accuracy. There are two types of rangefinders, laser and GPS rangefinders, at a variety of prices. Laser rangefinders are great for accuracy although they can take a little longer to operate whilst GPS rangefinders are best for convenience, as they usually take the form of a watch or app which is easy to carry around. You can usually get yourself a good quality rangefinder for around £150 although some can be as expensive as £500. Garmin has a variety of excellent quality rangefinders at a range of prices to enhance your golf game.

Golf Clothing

Staying warm, dry and comfortable is key to a good game. When it comes to choosing golf clothing, it's about comfort and style. This means high-quality clothes in a matching colour. However, clothes that are specifically designed for golf are a must, made from lightweight, breathable and flexible fabric that will keep you dry whilst out on the golf course. Polos and t-shirts are great for their summer wardrobe whilst waterproofs and cosy knitwear are a must for the winter.

(Daily sports pullover:

Golf Gifts - Mid Budget

All these gifts are under £50 - perfect for any good friend or relative who loves a game of golf.

Golf Balls

You can never have too many golf balls, especially since they're often lost during a game. It might be best to ask the golfer themselves what kinds of golf ball they are needing in their collection but if this isn't an option, TaylorMade, Callaway and Titleist make great golf balls and are trustworthy brands to check out. Srixon golf balls are also a great choice and come in large multi-packs in a range of TaylorMade, Callaway and Titleist make great golf balls and are trustworthy brands to check out. Two-piece golf balls are also the most popular to play with, so are a safe bet when choosing for a loved one.

(Golf balls:

Golf Bags

A good golf bag is a must for golfers. Whether you choose a full-size golf bag for handing over to your caddie during the game or shoe bags for carrying your golf shoes to the course, smart and stylish golf luggage is a great gift.

(Golf bag:

Golf Towels

A new and aesthetically appealing golf towel is a great gift and useful too. Golf towels are made from soft and absorbent material to keep yourself and your clubs dry during the game, and they're also the perfect size for carrying around the golf course.

(Personalised golf towel:

Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are a staple to every golfer's wardrobe - they improve your grip whilst playing and keep you warm too! Stylish new golf gloves are a wonderful treat and a great gift. When choosing gloves, look for good warmth and grip, and something light and easy to carry in their golf bag. Ideally in their favourite colour too!

(Golf gloves:

Golf Club Headcovers

Golf clubs are every golfer's pride and joy, and headcovers are essential to keeping them in good condition. Headcovers fit over your clubs to keep them protected through a golf game when they're not in use. There is a range of headcovers available in different styles and materials including fabric, leather and plastic. Stylish and practical headcovers are a great gift to find under the tree on Christmas day!

Golf Socks

In golf, dressing for success means being comfortable! Golf socks keep your feet warm and protected, with padding to prevent blisters. A smart pair of golf socks will be highly appreciated by any golfer and something they will get loads of use out of.

(Golf socks:

Personalised Golf Accessories

Personalised golf accessories are the ultimate gift in that they're both useful and thoughtful! Whether you get a loved one's name or initials printed onto a golf bag or stitched onto a golf towel, these are great presents that will help them keep track of their belongings and a thoughtful keepsake too.

(Personalised aqua golf bag:

Golf Gifts - Low Budget

Novelty golf gifts are perfect stocking fillers or tokens of appreciation to someone special in your life. All these gifts can be bought for under £20.

Golf Divot Tool and Ball Markers

Golf ball markers are essential and a brilliant gift idea. You can never have too many and they're super useful as well as being fun to collect. You can get them in different colours and styles including novelty ball markers with messages or your initials on too.

(Ball markers & pitchfork:

Golf Hats

A golf hat is needed year-round on the golf course - whether you're wearing a visor to keep the sun out of your eyes or a waterproof hat for the rain. Stylish golf hats can be worn on and off the course too, making any outfit sporty and chic. A novelty golf hat with a ball marker attached is a great gift idea for any golfer in your life.

(Velcro golf visor:

Golf Gift Sets

A gift box filled with treats they can use on the course is a failsafe gift idea. These ladies golf gift sets with matching scorecard holders and tri-fold towels are the perfect choice for any female golfers in your life.

Golf Tees

You can never have enough golf tees! A bag of these is the perfect stocking filler for a golfer. For a more unique present, you can buy novelty golf tees in striking colours and patterns or with custom designs.

Golf Scorecard Holder

Scorecard holders come in all different styles and colours and are great for storing your scorecards from past games. A luxurious leather scorecard holder is a gorgeous gift for golfers and something they will be able to use in their games.

(Gold scorecard holder:

Golf Keyrings

A novelty golf keyring makes a lovely keepsake for golfers. They can attach it to their keys or even to their golf bag to make it easily identifiable. You could get one personalised with their name or initials for a personal touch!

Golf Mug

There's nothing better than receiving a brand new mug that you can make your morning coffee in. For any golfers you know, buying them a novelty golf mug with a golf joke only they'll understand is guaranteed to make them smile.

Golf Accessories

Help a loved one look stylish out on the golf course with some golf wear accessories. Golf belts, hats and golf umbrellas are key to staying comfortable and fending off the weather during a golf game. Smart golf accessories will win you major points with any golfer on their birthday or at Christmas-time! And for evenings off the course, novelty golf cufflinks are the perfect choice for your Dad or Grandad.

(Silver golf umbrella:

Shop Women's Golf Gifts

At Surprize Shop, we specialise in women's golf wear, gifts and accessories for all the amazing female golfers in your life. From stylish golf clothing to novelty ball markers, we have it all. We're a family-run business where all of our products are designed in-house by our passionate team. Need more gift ideas? Browse our range of women's golf gifts to find the perfect gift!

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