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Great Opportunities & Lifelong Friendships

Great Opportunities & Lifelong Friendships

Golf is a literal life saver for some people when it comes to mental health. Mental health is a subject that  is very close to me and something I have and still struggle with myself. It’s something that needs to be spoken about more.  Golf gives people so many benefits that a non-golfer is unlikely to even realise. If you know someone who might be struggling, maybe recommend they give golf a go, or even take them out to the driving range for a coffee and hit some shots!
Why is Golf so good for your mental health?

1.    Being outside! The gift that is nature is just so special. Walking around the golf course, with tall trees, all types of wildlife, streams and ponds can be very affirming and uplifting including all the benefits of all that fresh air!  Not to mention the weather, come rain or shine there is so much to soak in and see. The other day on our 5th hole at Rugby Golf Club we have a field and next to the stream, there were 3 horses with 2 foals! So up close to us, it was so special to see and experience. 
2.    Meeting up with friends. Being self-employed, it can get a little lonely working on your own. This Winter was long, dark and wet, which I found incredibly challenging, something that I have always struggled with. To be honest, the Winter months is when I tend to become very down and anxious. But…. This year I made the effort to get out and play more golf. I am incredibly lucky to have some wonderful friends who I have met through golf, that have booked dates in the diary to get out and play golf with me. We have giggled, chatted and sometimes no words are needed to be said, but just being around good people makes such a difference, I find it really boosts my mood (no matter how good or bad the golf is)
3.    Exercise! Stretching those legs on lush fairways with green grass and trees surrounding you, is there anything better? Golf has so many health benefits - you can burn up to 1000 calories a day on an average 18-hole golf course. Helps you sleep better, the combination of fresh air and an average 5–6-mile walk is proven to help reduce anxiety and stress! 

What does golf stand for?
Great Opportunities & Lifelong Friendships
I am forever thankful to golf for all it adds to my quality of life and as I said if you have anyone that you know who are struggling why not invite them along so they can see for themselves why you love it so much!
Love Zoe xx
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