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Stay In The Moment!

Stay In The Moment!

I was on holiday last week, I didn’t go away, I just booked some time off to catch up on life, and I couldn’t have picked a better week, the warmest so far this year. I played golf a couple of times and it was so nice to wear a skort and a sleeveless top. Mind you, my fair-skinned body has not seen the light of day in ages, so I wish I’d applied some fake tan to take the edge off my milk bottle white legs. 

 Off the tee and my long game in general was good (if I do say so myself) but for me, that’s the easy bit, it’s those short game shots that let me down, and dare I chat about the unmentionables - the shanks!  Yes, yes, I’m still affected by them every now and again, especially if one happens early in the round. It drives me mad because I know, like different errors that might frustrate you, it’s in our heads! 

Of course, I had to play through them, I couldn’t putt from a ridiculous distance off the green even though I wanted to! I was also praying that my approach shot would reach the green. Perhaps this resonates, but if it doesn’t, don’t give it a second thought because the last thing I want is for you to start thinking about it the next time you play. 

It’s not always easy to forget your last bad shot and stay in the moment, an attribute that World No1 Nelly Korda has, but I do try and it’s worth reading these tips that are inspired by Nelly. She has an amazing mindset that has awarded her five consecutive LPGA titles and while I realise we’re mere club golfers, we can definitely learn from the pros.

Anyway, bad shots were soon forgotten when I was sitting on the patio - there’s something very special about enjoying half a lager after golf on a hot day in the company of good friends. I was also pleased that I hadn’t messed up a new pair of golf shoes because it’s not surprising after the amount of rain we’ve experienced over the last couple of months that golf courses are still boggy in certain areas.

Myself and female contributors for Golf Monthly have been busy reviewing lots of golf shoes and it’s incredible to see the choice we have nowadays - the colours, designs, and the technology that’s packed into them for support and stability.

What’s great is the comfort that the latest shoes provide, the majority can be worn straight out of the box, and they are also so versatile. For example, I was aware of New Balance sports shoes, but not for golf, until now. As you would expect, they are a trainer style, and although they don’t look as performance-led as the likes of Ecco and FootJoy, they do deliver, and if you’re fashion conscious, they’re a good option.

When you’re staying in the moment, you can focus on your nice shoes as well!

Alison Root 

Women's Editor Golf Monthly

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