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Why I love Golf!

Why I love Golf!

Can’t believe Valentines Day has arrived already, feels like the year is flying! I thought it would be very fitting today to talk about some of the things that I love about Golf…

1. Practicing gives me time to work on myself and my personal goals which I view as a form of self-care.

2. Playing a round of golf with your friends and laughing for hours, then treating yourselves to coffee and cake afterwards!

3. Early mornings at the golf club. Nothing beats watching the sunrise over the trees and hearing all the wildlife wake up!

4. I love the walk, clearing your mind and focusing on something else. The freedom of strolling down a fairway (or in the trees ha ha!) is unbeatable.

5. The outfits and accessories. Getting dressed up in a golf outfit with the matching accessories. Makes me feel great before I’ve even started.

6. Getting to know complete strangers and people you would never otherwise meet, forming new friendships… (and since it is Valentines Day after all – this is how I met David, my other half. We have been together for 8 years now and we never would have met had it not been for Golf!)

Why not take a moment today to think about what you love about Golf? 


Sending lots of love this Valentines Day! 

 Zoe xx

PGA Pro Zoe North

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