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Fun Winter Formats

Fun Winter Formats

Welcome to Our Brand New Newsletter - CHIP & CHAT

Our new newsletter is brought to you by Alison Root, the women's editor for Golf Monthly. Each week she will be sharing a topical golf story with the Surprizeshop golfing family to keep you informed and entertained. 

As women’s editor for Golf Monthly, and having worked in the golf industry for many years, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that I play golf regularly. The truth is, I don’t play nearly as much as I would like, and at this time of year, I don’t often feel inclined to do so anyway.

The thought of traipsing around a muddy golf course in wintry conditions is not really my idea of fun. However, it’s fair to say, that when I was persuaded to venture out recently, playing a different format and having a cheeky bet, actually made the round really enjoyable and I was so pleased that I'd made the effort to get out there.

I was a newbie to the game Bingo, Bongo, Bango, and at the beginning, the most difficult part was remembering whether I’d managed to win a point for a bingo, a bongo, or a bango! Basically, the player who first gets their ball onto the green gets a bingo, the player whose ball is closest to the green after each player has played their approach shot gets a bango, while the first player to hole out gets a bongo. The player with the most points wins, which on this occasion wasn’t me, although I didn’t have to buy wine either for coming last. 

This got me thinking about other fun formats, as there is plenty of time to focus on individual stableford and medal competitions during spring and summer months, so here are a few suggestions:

The Waltz
Play this game against other threeball groups to determine the winning team. Playing a best ball format, only the best score is counted on the first hole, the second hole two scores count, and then the pressure is on, as all three scores count on the third hole. The sequence then begins again, ie one score counts on the fourth hole, two scores on the 5th hole etc.

Playing as a threeball, there are six points up for grabs on each hole. The player that wins the hole gets four po the player that is second gets two points. If two players tie for the win, they get three points each and if the second and third players tie, they get one point each.

This game will make you focus on your approach shots and short game, hitting the ball as close as you possibly can to the pin. When every player has landed on the green, the person closest to the pin gets three points, the second closest gets two points, and the next closest gets 1 point.

Before teeing off, decide on what you are playing for – G&T, prosecco? Nobody likes three putting and that’s what you have to avoid. When someone three-putts a hole they become the snake until someone else three putts to become the new snake. The player who is the snake at the end of the round has to buy the drinks!

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to dust your clubs down if you haven't done so already, but if you’re still a fair-weather player but want your golf fix, there’s always the golf dice game that you can play in a warm clubhouse. I haven’t played it myself, but by all accounts, it’s quite entertaining.

Don't worry, Spring is on the way ...


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