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Lady Captain - The Face Of Your Ladies Section

Lady Captain - The Face Of Your Ladies Section

Being Lady Captain is an honor and privilege. It is really rewarding but of course we understand it comes with its own challenges that need to be overcome. As a result, we have created our series of hints and tips from Di Grant our Lady Captain Adviser and others to help you through your year. To sign up click here and you will start to receive these plus being the first to hear about any new product releases and offers. Here is a recent article you may find useful.

The Face of your Ladies’ Section
Introducing new girls and ladies to our amazing sport! 

Now, this may not come directly under the very long list of Lady Captain’s tasks, but it’s definitely worth a minute or two of your time.

Do you tweet? Do you use Facebook? Or Instagram or whatever…. These are great ways to promote your ladies’ section – and they’re free. While you’re Lady Captain you have a platform to sing from. (Don’t ask me to sing though, I’d clear the place!!)

Use every opportunity to share the great things your ladies’ section is involved with, the fun you have, and the achievements of your ladies. You just never know who’s reading the posts who may be looking to give golf a try as a complete newbie, or maybe someone who’s looking for a change of club. You, during your year, are the face of your club and ladies’ section. I know, scary!

Do you have social events that are open to visitors? How about social golf events, including the ever-popular ‘golfer: non-golfer events to give people who don’t play golf a gentle taster. Use social media if they’re open to visitors. Anyone involved in golf knows that it’s far more than just a sport – it’s a whole new community of friendship and support. It’s just that sometimes we keep the full story under wraps.

Do you have ladies new to golf? Don’t be afraid of asking your ladies if they have old shoes or spare clubs (or old balls!) for potential members to ‘have a go’ with. There’s no point in ladies buying all the gear if the sport doesn’t gel for them, but if you can make it easy for someone to ‘try before they buy’, do it.

If your social media presence is a friendly and approachable one, you just never know who might approach you about joining your club. I’ve had ladies recognise me from my posts, which is a bit scary, but it’s given me the chance to have conversations with people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. What a privilege
How about running a bring your daughters and granddaughters event in conjunction with your Pro and show them why you love it so much and they might just to!

Don’t forget to post paper copies of any blogs or newsletters you are involved in on your club noticeboard too. Plenty of pictures too. Show your ladies’ section to be the friendly, welcoming place we all know it is. Wives and partners of members will come to the club for social events – maybe they fancy giving golf a try but haven’t felt the ‘door is open’. Open that door for them.

You just never know where that next new member might come from….

Di Grant- Past Lady Captain

Surprizeshop Lady Captain Adviser

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