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The 20 Most Liked Golf Tips on TikTok to Improve Your Swing

The 20 Most Liked Golf Tips on TikTok to Improve Your Swing

If you’re looking to work on your game of golf, TikTok is your new best friend. TikTok has surprisingly become a useful resource for golfers, with golfers around the world taking to the social media app to share their best tips for perfecting your swing and overall performance. Whether you’re hoping to make trick shots, lower your scores, or achieve the perfect backswing, there are TikTok videos for them all.

At Surprize Shop, we analysed TikTok data to find the most liked golf tips shared on the app. The final results from our study are in the table and you can watch the tips for yourself in the links below.

Watch The Top 20 Golf Tips on TikTok:

  1. Setting up your chipping practice - @tori_totlis (293K likes)
  2. Easy trickshot - @double_boges (181.7K likes)
  3. Check point swing laser - @eyelinegolf (140.2K likes)
  4. Drills to lower your scores - @clubfaceuk (139K likes)
  5. Tips to lower your score - @clubfaceuk (126.9K likes)
  6. Radius of golf swing - @motivogolfmats (122.9K likes)
  7. Improve your backswing - @joshoddy (102.8K likes)
  8. Find the perfect golf grip - @jakehuttgolf (100.3K likes)
  9. Improve your pitch shots - @dylanaudi (90.7K likes)
  10. Golf swing tips - @kyle.rodes (75.7K likes)
  11. Making short putts - @terrypga (72.1K likes)
  12. Using your body in a golf swing - @tylerslocumgolf (71.3K likes)
  13. Fix your golf slice - @coachdgolf (66.9K likes)
  14. Find the perfect golf grip - @tsovay (66K likes)
  15. Striking solid irons - @micahmorrisgolf (55.2K likes)
  16. Drills for speed control - @subpar_golf (51.1K likes)
  17. Golf hacks - @clubfaceuk (50K likes)
  18. How to chip using a wedge - @clubfaceuk (47.8K likes)
  19. Drill to perfect backswing - @keithbennettgolf (40.1K likes)
  20. Getting over the fringe - @coachdgolf (39.1K likes)


To find the most liked golf tips on TikTok, we input hashtags relating to golf into the app. This included terms such as “golf”, “golf tiktok”, and “golf tips.” We then recorded the links to the videos with the highest number of likes alongside the account name and number of likes the video had. We repeated this process with different hashtags and search terms until we had a list of around 50 videos. We sorted the videos from highest to lowest number of likes to reveal the top 20 videos.

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