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Think Pink

Think Pink

I’m talking pink this week, not because we’ve been surrounded by the colour since the release of the Barbie film, but because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. I know for certain, that you will know someone, if not yourself, that has been affected by breast cancer. It’s the most common cancer in the UK with 1 woman diagnosed every 10 minutes.

The colour pink has been widely associated with breast cancer charities and awareness campaigns for some years now, and I suspect many of you have gone all pink for a charity fundraiser golf day, or you might have one planned for this month or in the future.

If you’re a member of a golf club, you're likely aware of the invaluable support network provided by the ladies' section, especially during challenging times. While each of you may have your own personal stories, I distinctly remember two conversations with women who have made golf a significant part of their lives and were willing to openly share their journeys through breast cancer.

Kay from Hertfordshire has now been cancer-free for over 10 years, but she explained how her golfing friends were with her from the onset of her diagnosis. She received a phone call from a nurse who broke the news while she was in the changing room during a Ladies Invitation Day. Ironically, her team won the day and she bravely stood up and gave a speech. As her husband had to work, many of her golfing friends stepped up to the plate by taking her to the 22 consecutive days of radiotherapy sessions that she had to endure.

When Erica from Hampshire received her diagnosis, she was a new member at her golf club and following two lumpectomy procedures and eventually a mastectomy, she was indebted to the Club for the support and kindness she received. Although a small club, she highlighted how golf is a friendship game, how everyone knows each other, and how people care for each other in times of crisis. After missing a whole year of golf, Erica was desperate to return to the game, explaining that while there are other activities that you can enjoy, such as walking, they cannot take the place of playing golf.

Kay and Erica acknowledged that without the golf club and the friendships it provided, there would have been a significant void in their healing and recovery. When chatting with them, it became clear that, as we all know, golf is a sport that has so many benefits, but above all, membership in a golf club and the formation of lifelong friendships is particularly invaluable during difficult times – a treasure worth cherishing.

So, let's go pink to help spread awareness and raise funds for this disease that affects so many of us. 

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