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Winter Golf

Winter Golf

I feel that I’m in a strong position to chat about the weather because over the last few weeks I’ve got drenched on the golf course and have a had a few ‘What am I doing here?’ moments. On one occasion, I’m not talking about a light shower, this was persistent heavy rain with strong winds and hail thrown into the mix.

If it had been a round at our home clubs, we would never have gone out in the first place, but this was a treat, travelling to play a course we’d never played before so we had to make the effort to get on the tee whatever the weather – non-golfers will never understand this madness!

I’m sure you’ve been there … after a few holes, enough is enough, but you don’t want to be the first one in the fourball to wimp out – I’m a fair-weather player at the best of times. I kept reminding myself of what my late grandmother indignantly used to say when we urged her not to go out in the rain, “I’m not made of salt.”

Thankfully I was equipped as best as possible to cope with the conditions and I cannot emphasise enough the importance of having the right wet weather gear and accessories to make rounds bearable, dare I say even pleasurable. 

It goes without saying that you need a decent set of waterproofs and an umbrella. I used to hate playing in a waterproof jacket, I couldn’t wait for rain to stop so I could bundle it back into my bag because it always felt too restrictive. Fortunately, most wet weather gear is now made in much lighter fabric, so it’s less of a chore to wear, although I wish it was easier to get waterproof trousers on and off! I love my new lined cascade trousers from Pure Golf that are waterproof and thermal lined which avoids this problem altogether!

But there are many other things to consider to keep you smiling! While a couple of my colleagues were moaning about wet feet after 9 holes, my feet were bone dry and cozy thanks to my Duca del Cosma boots. They are a great investment, or perhaps a subtle hint in the right direction as Christmas is coming.

We know Winter golf is all about layering and there are plenty of base and mid layers to choose from, but it’s accessories that can save the day. Bobble and beanie hats have been the in-thing for a few seasons and I can vouch for the Pure Golf’ and Surprizeshop waterproof bobble hats. I have the Pure Golf one and to be honest, was surprised how this woolly hat can also keep your head dry, and I’ve worn it several times since on and off the golf course. I did pack an extra golf glove but made a boob not to have a pair of proper wet gloves, so these are definitely on my Christmas list.

Happy golfing whatever the weather! 

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