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Swing M.O.T's and the importance of getting back to basics

Swing M.O.T's and the importance of getting back to basics

Its finally March, spring is just around the corner. We had some wonderful weather in February which has got me very excited for the golf season ahead.

March is the month where I typically start to see my lesson diary filling up and I extend my coaching hours with the lighter evenings. I will begin to see my regulars getting in touch for a Swing M.O.T or check-up. I am huge fan of doing swing check-ups for my clients, as it gives them an idea of how their basics are looking going into the season. This would also be a great place to start for those who are a little reluctant or worried about having lessons. It isn’t an overhaul of your swing, it’s just like what we do with our cars, we do a check up on the important areas to make sure it’s all working as it should be.

The way I do my M.O. T’s is mainly covering the basics, Grip, Stance, Aim, Posture etc and I wouldn’t necessarily be doing anything swing related unless specified or I felt it was needed. If this sounds like something that you might like to do, get in touch with your local professional and enquire about what they can offer you. Explain what you are after as we are here to help YOU! I will always plan with my lesson first, making sure I know what they would like to achieve during our time and go from there. Remember that every coach is different and don’t ever feel bad if you want to have a couple of lessons with other coaches, as you need to find someone who suits you and the way you learn.

So, what are the basics?

Here is just a small selection of basics that you can look at independently to understand how the influence your game.

Grip: It can be the super scary when someone mentions changing your grip. However, its usually for the best. Grip influences your clubface and if your grip is a little too weak or strong it can start to cause inconsistent strikes and shot direction. I would advise you when making grip changes, to do it gradually, and bear in mind that it will feel uncomfortable for a while but eases the more you practice.

Stance Width: Depending on the shot you are hitting your stance width changes. Shorter shots, your stance is closer together, and with full shots your stance should roughly be shoulder width apart. If your stance is too wide, this can restrict your movement when swinging and lead to lack of rotation through impact. Conversely if your stance is too narrow it can lead to you lower body becoming over active and this affects your timing and balance.

Aim: A little self-explanatory but is VERY important to keep an eye on. As a drawer of the ball, I always tend to aim too far too the right which can result in me missing fairways. During practice I will use a tour strike to help set my feet in the correct direction.

Please always bear in mind that everyone is different and can have slightly unique ways of hitting the ball, which is more than okay. The above is just a very basic guide to what you can look out for. There will be more to come next month so make sure you are on our mailing list!

Lots of love, 

Zoe x

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